Why Tequila Lovers Add Ice Cubes to the Drink

The entertainment night you want to have when you get to a restaurant depends on its value-added services. As a hospitality entrepreneur, you learn in the job; customers challenge you every day with new demands.

You have no option but to incorporate their needs if you are to enjoy customer loyalty. Your customers are your bosses; their wishes is your command. What is it that they keep on asking? Do you provide or you keep on giving excuses for not having it on board? Those are the simple things you can’t ignore if you are to succeed in this business.

As long as you serve Tequila, ice cubes are a must-have piece. Ice cubes help to reduce the temperature of the drink. There is no scientific proof of the negative effects of cold drink, but some of the benefits that come with the addition of ice cubes to this drink include:

Reduce splashes in a drink

As the waiter pours your drink in a glass, you don’t want to get splashes, which may be permanent stains on your clothes. Moreover, the splashes are evaporated drinks, which means the waiter reduces the quantity of your drink.

In that case, do you get value for your money? In a classic restaurant, cleanliness and tidiness are crucial in customer service. Therefore, avoid such embarrassing moments by dipping some square ice cubes in the glass.

Maintains the drink’s flavor

Tequila is an accommodative drink; you can add some flavors if you look for a taste difference. If you are looking to have the drink’s original taste, then an ice cube is an optional additive.

It doesn’t water down the drink’s flavor now that the room temperature doesn’t support its melting, which can dilute the taste.

Retains a cool temperature for long

The mixology in tequila drink is such that it maintains its taste and flavor; it’s better done at room temperature rather than placing it in a fridge. What happens when you want to serve cold drinks to your customers? That is the time you appreciate having ice cubes within reach.

Your customers get to have their cold drinks at their disposal as well as the fresh cold drink.

Why Tequila lovers enjoy cold drinks

It’s a coolant

Scientific studies prove that cold drinks are beneficial depending on the current state of the body temperature.

If they are from a physical exercise; the body’s overheating; that increase in body temperature destabilizes the functioning of the body organs. As a quick remedy, a cold drink comes in handy to return the body to normalcy as fast as possible.

Promotes thirst

Also, during workout sessions, the body loses a lot of water, meaning its water content is reduced. That comes with other challenges like dehydration, which increases free radicals and minimizes electrolytes in the body.

In that case, that ice-cold tequila drink comes in handy. You notice that the die-hards of this drink hate water for some reason. There is no scientific research on this. Coldwater triggers thirst. Water is essential to your body. That is why health experts advise that you drink at least eight glasses of water in a day.

Tequila should replace water. Therefore, as a remedy to stimulate thirst among them, the ice cubes in their drink promote drinking more fluids, and in most cases, water is the best option. Not all the time, you have access to tequila, but water is readily available. As a prerequisite to opening a restaurant, there must be a supply of clean and safe water. A water filter system is a must-have installation to remove contaminants from the water in your premises to be safe.

It guarantees clean water free from any impurities. It gives the business some incredible value for money and time.

More energy

Once you feel dehydrated for whatever reason, that cold tequila replaces the lost fluids giving you the required energy to run your daily activities with ease. Even when relaxing while taking your drink, you need energy for brain activity.

After looking at the benefits of ice cubes for your tequila drink. How then can you get it to your customers?

  • Invest in ice cube makers
  • Pour distilled water into ice cube tray and freeze
  • Purchase from reliable vendors but store in an icebox cooler

Not all tequila lovers need ice cubes; let it be optional but at the disposal of customers on request. Apart from ice cubes, what else can help enhance the flavor of tequila drink?

  • Lemon slices
  • Lemongrass
  • Ginger
  • Lime water
  • Strawberry
  • Lemon tea

That is an idea of some of the things you need to stock if you add value to your tequila drink.
Are you offering tequila beverages as part of your menu? Are you stuck on how best to make the drink tasty? Do you have several complaints or concerns about your mixology? If that is the case, then it’s time to make a change. Why not add value to the drink based on customers’ needs?

Do you know you are sitting in money by offering plain drinks when you have additions you can use to increase orders for that particular beverage?

It’s time to think out of the box and add nutritional value to your drinks to entice more customers to try out your mixology skills.


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