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We also provide enough information about tequila and related topics to help beginners learn. Before delving into tequila basics, it’s of utmost importance to know that Tequila, regardless of brand, takes time and commitment to produce. It’s for this reason that we accord each brand the respect and dignity it deserves even as you enjoy drinking your beverage.

We produce tequila in the U.S. and across the world. It’s a product of the blue weber agave plant, which mainly grows in desert temperatures zones. Although this plant is mostly succulent, it can grow into a giant plant, often after 8 years of maturity. Unlike it’s near lookalike (the grapevine), the agave is a one-time use plant. Once the pina is cut to produce tequila, the plant loses its value. The work of extracting the pina is always hands-on, from the beginning to the end. This applies to the entire process of producing tequila from the Pinas.

However, tequila is fermented together with wild or commercial yeast. Therefore, we stock different tequila flavor profiles to meet your unique needs.

This information can’t be found in most tequila brands, meaning you can expect to get all the relevant information about a particular brand on our website. Once we’ve extracted Pina from the blue weber agave, it’s cooked through steaming. This process ensures that the Pina is aptly prepared for the fermentation process.


Tequila is clear, just like vodka and gin, and undergoes the pot distillation process. Therefore, depending on our preference, a significant amount of congeners tends to remain in the spirit. The congeners go a long way in ensuring that the tequila maintains a particular flavor. Once we’ve distilled (mostly twice) the drink, it’s either bottled or aged in different casks or barrels. This depends on our preference as refiners.


How can you determine a particular brand of tequila we offer is properly aged? Well, there’s a clear distinction between a properly aged tequila and one that’s not. One particular attribute that makes a clear distinction is the difference in color. More precisely, young tequilas often come in green color.

At the same time, we’re able to taste the earthy heat in the spirit. On the other hand, our well-aged tequilas have a mellow, increasingly complex, and rich texture as it ages with time.  In that regard, you should be on the lookout for “mislxto”. Essentially, this is impure tequila made of only 50% of agave. The remaining half made of neutral spirit that mainly comes from cane sugar.


The good news is that PepezTequila only offers its customers top tier tequila brands with relevant information on their processing. You can be sure that we leave no stone unturned.


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