7 Things You Need to Serve Tequila

Distilled from the blue agave plant, tequila is a spirit.

Did you know that it’s a national drink in Mexico?

The word tequila was obtained from three words. The first is reposado to mean “rested” and aged in oak barrels for anything between 2 to 12 months. The second word is Blanco to means “white” and unaged.

The third word is Anejo to mean “vintage” and aged in small oak barrels anything from one to 3 years.

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Despite being a party drink, you can enjoy your tequila in various ways even from the comfort of your home. Here’re a few interesting ways to serve and enjoy your tequila without feeling drowsy the next morning:

3 Ways to Serve and Enjoy Tequila in its Authentic Form


1) Sip neatly to enjoy your drink

No two tequila drinks are made the same. Make sure that your drink is made from 100% agave to enjoy drinking it in the first place. 100% authentic tequila is made from 100% agave for easy sips as Mexicans enjoy their drink.
Opt for a family-owned tequila over a large brand to ensure that you enjoy a 100% agave drink. Avoid “mixtos” usually made up of about 51% agave.
Make sure that your tequila is well-aged. Opt for Anejo tequila because it’s aged for a minimum of one year. You’ll enjoy sipping your matured Anejo from the comfort of your home.
Enjoy your drink at room temperature and avoid diluting it with ice. Find a snifter or tequila glass to enjoy your drink.
You can also pair your tequila with sangrita for a different taste. Serve sangrita in a different shot glass. Learn how to prepare tasty sangrita to enjoy sipping your tequila alongside it.
Swirl your tequila gently to enjoy sipping it at your desired pace. Swish the drink in your mouth for at least 10 seconds and repeat.

2) Shoot your tequila quickly

Choose oro, Blanco or reposado tequila to shoot quickly. Make sure your drink is 100% agave. You don’t have to drink your tequila chilled if you want to shoot it fast.
Pour it into your shot glass and give yourself a toast before pouring it down your gullet. Shoot it neat without making it chilled.
You can also shoot your tequila with salt and lime the traditional way. If you’re new this technique, check it out here for the entire process.

3) Prepare a cocktail to mix with your tequila

Prepare a classic or frozen margarita to enjoy with your tequila. If you don’t like the sugar and water laden in frozen margaritas, opt for classic variations. Here’s how to prepare tasty margaritas.
Do you prefer a tequila martini or “tequini?”
Mix your tequila with martini to enjoy your drink. However, opt for sweet vermouth or reposado tequila to make your drink sweeter and less boozy.
Garnish the drink with lemon for a sweet-sour taste.
You can also prepare a tequila sunrise to enjoy with your drink. This involves pairing your drink in red and orange of citrus fruits or drinks. Stir your drink and garnish it with straw and cherry-orange to enjoy.
You can also serve your tequila in coffee, milkshake, whipped cream and ice cream.

The 7 Things You Need to Serve Tequila

Whichever way you decide to enjoy your tequila drink, you’ll need any of the following to serve and enjoy your drink. They include:

  • Tequila glass
  • Snifter
  • Shot glass
  • Shot flight
  • Shot serving tray
  • Tasting tray
  • Straw

Whether you’re new to drinking tequila or been enjoying it for years, you can still serve it in a new way for a different twist. This article details three major ways you can enjoy your tequila drink from the comfort of your home.

You can prepare your drink to enjoy alone or with friends as you desire. The article also details seven things you may need to enjoy your drink as you desire. Make sure you have everything ready in advance to enjoy your favorite drink the Mexican way.


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